Text spam from 29 designs

Did you receive a spam text on your mobile phone from 29 Designs? The text message says “Final 1 hr Left to Activate your 70% Off Custom Animated Video Deal. Click Here 29design.us to Activate Now & Grow your Sales by 1000%”. Here is the screenshot:

Spam text 29 designs - 1My number is on the national do-not-call registry and I have had no prior contact with this company so not only is this spam annoying, it is also illegal.

Their sales line is 619-942-5964 but of course no one wants to call a known spammer! The whois information is available but fake (address provided does not actually exist).

What can you do?

  • Report text to the FTC (1 minute form).
  • Report the company to ENOM (let them know about the spam and the fake registration information).
  • Email abuse@a2hosting.com (their hosting company) and let them know that they are hosting a known spammer. Sample email:
    Hello, I received text spam from someone that hosts with you: http://29design.us. My number is on the do-not-call registry and I have had no prior contact with this company. Their whois info is fake (for example address provided does not exist) and there are many people online complaining about the spam. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Update #1

The spammer’s hosting provider A2 Hosting followed up on my complaint and took the offending website down! I am very impressed with their response – dealing with spammers is endless, thankless work that adds nothing to the company bottom line, so it really shows that A2 Hosting‘s actions are aligned with their official company values, which is a rarity these days.

Update #2

Shortly after the website 29design.us was taken down (see Update #1 above), I received 2 more spam messages! The first message was similar to the original spam, reading “[Name], Final 1 hr Left to Activate your 70% Off Animated Video Deal. Click here 29designns.com/vd to Activate Now & Grow your Sales”. Here is the screenshot, with my name removed (yes, it addressed me personally this time):

Spam text 29 designs - 2 - name removed

Unlike the original text which came from a short code,  this text came from an actual phone number 626-387-3785. Note the new, misspelled, domain; 29designns.com and the new sales line number 1-888-369-8031.

In addition to this message I got another text that read “Activate your Special Custom Logo Coupon! Click here https://goo.gl/W2dsQD to Get Your Logo for Only $29. http://www.theinventivelogos.com”.

Not only these two texts popped up on my phone at the same time, the sales line for the new 29 Designs website is shared by a company called One Logo Design, a known SMS spammer with many reviews from people who paid them for logo design and never received any services. Curiously, the only positive reviews are from a single reviewer who gave 5 stars to a bunch of other spammy web design/development/video companies, including One Logo Design (sales like 1-888-369-8031), DesignVation (sales line 1-888-302-6534), and Video Cubix (sales line 1-888-374-1389). Company registration information is available for all of these companies but fake (address provided does not actually exist).